The Gates offers two different types of parking.

Premier parking is the resident's own personal parking spot located right in front of his/her apartment. There is a limited amount of premier parking spots and they sell out quickly. Premier parking is reserved parking for a fee, but you must call the office @208.356.6686 to reserve your parking spot in advance.

Standard parking is FREE, it is on a first come first served basis. We only give out the specific amount of parking stickers according to the amount of parking spots we have in our parking lots at The Gates. This way each student who has a parking sticker has a place to park. We do not oversell on parking.

Parking is not included in your lease, upon check-ins residents will sign a separate parking contract for each semester.

Due to limited availability, Gates at Rexburg will reach out to all lease signers to see if they are interested in parking individually.

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